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Andrey V. Masloboev, Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, leading researcher, Institute of Informatics and Mathematical Modelling of Technological Processes of Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (24А Fersmana street, Apatity, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. For the purposes of management activities efficiency enhancement of the public authorities at regional level within the bounds of digital economy, the study examines organizational, systems engineering and technological issues of the development and functioning of regional management centers in the Russian Federation aimed at problem monitoring and public safety situational analysis on the basis of G2C(Government-to-Citizen)-feedback support and digital communications. Materials and methods. The state-of-the-art and development trends of regional management centers are considered. The structure and functional correlation between the regional management centers and situational centers, as well as the possible ways of its integration into the system of distributed situational centers are analyzed and discussed. Based on the principles of the systems approach the conceptual model of a typical regional management center is designed. The backbone composition and deployment experience of regional management center of the Murmansk region are explored and represented. Results and conclusions. The framework and implementation techniques of the virtual regional management center in the paradigm of multi-agent cyber-physical systems based on knowledge processing and network-centric control foundations are proposed. The key problems of regional management digital transformation by the use of situational and regional management centers have been identified. It is shown that for the effective application in practice of such control centers both a scientific substantiation of the implemented solutions and an appropriate normative and legal basis, regulating its functioning, are required. 

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problem monitoring, situational control, regional management center, security, decision-making support, digital platform, information and analytical system 

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